Blogs Will Be Important For Most Companies in 2018

In today’s internet-based society, a business must
have powerful online presence to cope with stiff competition. Despite the
proliferation of social media sites, blogging has a major role to play. Most
importantly, it’s the only way of adding relevant information on your website
on regular basis. Let me walk you through how a blog adds value to your online

Helps in building your brand

Posting high quality information draws the attention
of the audience you seek. This is a good strategy of pushing your website
higher on search engines to strengthen your brand. Believe it or not, blogging
is an effective way of creating positive touch points for your personal brand. It’s
also the foundation of all social media activities. When you combine with tools
like facebook, twitter, and pinterest, you’ll make a brand impression. This is
an effective way of generating substantial traffic and visibility of your brand.
Best of all, you can automate your posts from social sites to your website. The
following are a few tips of establishing your brands credibility at market place.

Make sure the blog shows you care

Since transparency is an inherent reality, bloggers with
a huge fan base must show they care about their customers. This is important because
potential customers want to read engaging information over and over again. Once
you win their trust, the credibility of the brand improves. Consequently, you won’t
have to spend a lot of money to create brand awareness.

Reflect your core values in the content

Branding is crucial in this digital age. Individuals
and businesses must align with the brand’s mission, vision and core values to
boost its credibility. At the same time, they must convince their customers
their products and services solve a problem. For instance, if your niche is
teaching, you should add content that is instructive in nature. What holds enhanced user experience on regularly updated websites
is the content.

Take advantage of influencers

Influencers play a big role in creating brand
awareness. They are trusted for their opinions and credibility to the products
they promote. For example, if you are
writing content related to leadership, you can use renowned people in the field
to boost your brand. In order to increase your chances of influencer success, it’s
advisable to use their hashtags. Very few people will dispute your brand when
you look for celebrities with impressive statistics.

It draws new customers to your site

Starting a blog is an exciting thing. Regardless of
the nature of your business, the site can increase your leads every month by
more than 55 percent. To win the attention of new customers, your posts must be
related to what you are selling. The main advantage of a
regularly updated website is that you’ll be able to respond to customers
questions. As long as you are able to address their issues, you still have
chance of bringing them on board. The secret is to publish helpful posts that
will show your new customers you are an expert in that field. On the other
hand, you should brainstorm on new ideas and create a platform where new
customers can contribute. Remember, you don’t need to hire an outside company
to do the legwork for you.

Importance of picking the right web host  

Nowadays, WordPress is the most preferred platform. It
comes in a wide range of appearances and is easy to customize. In fact, you can
manage your posts from any computer. This creates positive information to your
readers since it directly sits on your website. To get started, you need to
pick the right web host for your regularly updated website.
This comes with several advantages. First, WordPress plays a big role in search
engine ranking with little work required. Secondly, it gives good user experience
when matching a product or service. With that in mind, it’s easy to set RSS and
email subscriptions. A good web host should keep your site up and running
without any problems and frustrations.

Blogs are becoming more beautiful, robust,
savvy and user-friendly. They are the foundation of everything you virtually
post on twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram etc. You can use them to share
videos, tell a story and even showcase your work. Unlike most social sites, the
content is archived and can be found by other users after several years. It’s also
one of the best ways of generating revenue since users have total control over
the site. Furthermore, users can add unique, high-quality
content on the site on regular basis. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that blogs are certainly important and will for many years to come.

What Is Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is the next frontier for anyone who wants to make money online either individually or as a company. More specifically, the mobile internet offers opportunities never before imagined. For example, 1.5 billion people use smartphones in the world. It means that you have immediate access to these people wherever they are. You just have to reach them through a proper platform that is convenient for them to use namely Google mobile search where half of all Google searches emanated from in 2014. Reaching an appropriate portion of these people in addition to those who primarily use the Internet through their personal computers is only possible through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, many people do not know much about Search Engine Optimization and its benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. Here are some of these benefits.

SEO marketing allows you to reach a particular group of people.

You can target specific audiences based on gender, age, and location among other demographics The most unfortunate aspect of traditional media is that you cannot reach particular people, yet you tailor your brand to specific audiences. SEO marketing eliminates this inconsistency in advertising. You can tailor your message to the audience of your choice to maximize the potential for leads. For example, you can focus on improving online traffic in your area even if it is a small town. People will search for a particular service, and they will find your website through the search engines they use. You can also start developing an online profile in areas where you intend to set up a business. Moreover, if you are selling products to a particular gender or age group then search engines can help you reach this specific audience. This characteristic is important for businesses that sell fashion wear for women, video games for teenagers, or handiwork tools mostly appealing to men.

You can also change your marketing details quickly without a lot of bureaucracy.

A small change in marketing details can be disastrous for traditional marketers. For instance, changing a billboard would require bringing it down, editing it, and then putting it back as it was. Doing so takes time, effort, and money. This disadvantage does not manifest itself in SEO marketing. Here, changes are almost instantaneous. You do not have to wait till you move through some channels before you get things done. This kind of efficiency is important for small and medium-sized businesses because they have a small staff. They cannot afford to divert attention from their production operations or customer service to deal with something as simple as changing details in their marketing campaigns. This ease benefits them a lot because they can respond to changing market dynamics informing their campaigns instantaneously.

Search Engine Optimization is an easy and cost-effective way of advertising your business.

Marketing is one of the principal functions of any company in the world regardless of size or years of operation. Unfortunately, it is very expensive especially when it comes to start-up businesses that are yet to get on their feet. They have to get a consistent client base to maintain and increase their revenue streams, yet they cannot do so because they are still using the funds they have on building their production capacity. Small and medium-sized businesses also face the same challenges when it comes to expanding their operations. SEO allows you to reach a broad audience almost permanently using a small amount of cash. Using billboards or going for television viewers would cost you a significantly higher amount of money yet such advertisements would only reach a small proportion of people. Additionally, electronic ads only last for a few seconds and then everyone goes back to what they were watching or listening to on the electronic device. In contrast, appearances on Google first search results page can last for days or months making you the ‘go to guy’ in your field for a long time.

You should take advantage of online marketing It will boost your sales figures and enhance your business reputation in addition to the benefits mentioned above. The costs you will incur while undertaking it, mostly regarding Pay per Click (PPC), are almost negligible as compared to all that internet marketing has to offer you. You can always hire a company to deal with all the PPC concerns as you focus on the primary functions of your business i.e. innovation and production.

4 Popular Home Based Online Business Ideas

If you are a stay at home mom, unemployed individual or even a retired person, there is always a business you can do online from the comfort of your place. The internet has an overwhelming number of opportunities for any individual that wants to make some bucks. Let’s go over some of the most popular home-based online business ideas worth knowing.


1. Web designing

If you have adequate knowledge in setting up and maintaining websites, then there are scores of people out there who are in need of your services. Web sites are sprouting up each day as people struggle to get their products to the World Wide Web for people to see. Help them set up their websites and earn some bucks.


2. Copywriter/freelancing

Many of the individuals who sell their products online are not good at jotting out words to describe their products. Therefore, they will always hire someone who knows how to describe products with an alluring language that will make it sell out better in the online marketing niche than their competitors. Take your excellent writing skills online and earn from the comfort of your couch.


3. Social media consulting

With the growth of social media platforms such Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and others, many people have embraced them for personal and business purposes. They will always want to know how they can make good use of them, and only a social media consultant can help. If you’ve got the skills, you can earn some bucks by showing them how they can use the social media platforms to sell their products or services online.


4. App designing

Online marketing was made easier with the arrival of apps. Bigger online platforms such as Amazon, PayPal, and even publishing industries want their services to be accessed by everybody via their phones. As an app designer, you can earn from the comforts of your home while designing apps for your clients.


You don’t need to fret because you can’t find an office job. Grab any of these traditional online businesses and earn some money.